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Colouring book news!

My first ever colouring book is now available on Amazon-wherever you are!

It is all very exciting.

People have been asking me to make a colouring book for almost all of the 8.5 years I have been making books, but it is a tricky thing. In lockdown I started work on it, sorting out images that I thought people would enjoy colouring. But it came to nothing, then I discovered self publishing on Amazon.... and here it is! ( I also have a couple of other books available on there, which you can see when you look for the colouring book!)

Amazon prints them on demand, and ships them out for me. If you are in the UK it is printed in the UK, you order in Japan it is, you guessed it, printed in Japan.

It contains 25 of my hand drawn illustrations and patterns.


With bleed pages in between so you can use heavier pens and the ink will not affect the next design.

If you like it please consider leaving a review so that others are able to find it too.

Amazon UK




Elsewhere please search Doris and Fred on your local Amazon site. 

To see what's inside pop to youtube here, I made a little video for you all :) 

- https://youtu.be/VVfTtJUTYL8

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