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A4 Magnetic reusable wipe off weekly cleaning plan


Do you need to get organised with your housework?

This A4 magnetic planner will allow you to prioritise different areas of your home so you get a bit done every day, maybe even get others to help!

* Please let me know what you would like it to say at the top of the chart, anything goes it doesn't have to be the same as in the picture! *

You could write in different colours for each person in the house!

(I only supply a black pen but Crayola do a great set of fine-line coloured dry erase pens easily found on amazon etc)

There is a list of daily tasks with some spaces for others (if you would like these all blank let me know or if you want some different tasks listed just shout.)

You get a focus section for each day - the idea being you 'focus' on a particular room and list the tasks for that room each day so for example Monday might be bedrooms and Tuesday is Kitchen or Bathroom and so on. 

 It comes complete with a fine line dry erase pen and an adhesive pen holder - stick to the planner or where you will use it. The pen will hang in the holder from its lid.


Your design is printed on magnetic 'paper' and laminated so you can write on the surface with the dry erase pen over and over.


TOP TIP : Hand sanitiser is great for cleaning the board with some paper towel. 

 *Now available in Brights, Pastels or Monochrome*

This also comes as a book

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