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Income and Expenses envelope book


Self employed?

Battling with a shoebox of receipts?

This very handy book is made of envelopes with a table printed on the front, to log and store your receipts, and all your income. It should make the dreaded tax return much easier!

It runs from April to March - choose your financial year

Each month you get

  • a receipts envelope
  • a notes page
  • and 2 double sided income pages.

(if you need extras of any pages just ask and I can cost it for you.)

The new version comes with a much bigger wire so it won't burst! (well it shouldn't) but it means that postage is slightly more expensive than before - small parcel not large letter.

Choose any of my covers, as always and if you want to add your logo just tell me in the notes section and email your hi-res image (you must own the copyright) to me

You can have absolutely anything written on the front so go crazy!

** I will be adding new photos asap I just had so many requests for them this week that I thought I should get them on here ASAP! **

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