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Personalised Card Journal for Father's Day, Mother's Day or Birthdays


This personalised Card journal is available in A4 or A5 size or a 21cm square (my favourite!)

Do you spend ages trying to find the right card for your children to give for birthdays or Mother's Day or Father's Day?

I do! I recently became aware of the idea of card journals which seemed perfect. Instead of buying cards you get your child/children to draw or paint a card in this journal each year instead. you can add a photo of them each year too and their age if you like or just pop the date at the bottom and let them do the rest.

30 pages of 210 gsm card perfect for mixed media or collage, and photos, These make a great gift.

Choose any of my cover designs and have whatever you fancy written on the front.

And if you want to add a photo to the cover follow this link


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